The Chinese Ambassador to Norway explores SVAICE

When the Chinese Ambassador to Norway, Mr. Zhaou Jun and his wife Mrs. Lu Ye, received the CEO and the Marketing Manager of Mo Industrial Park at the embassy in March 2016, they were honored to get a 6 kilo block of exclusive ice from SVAICE. Mr. Jun is referred to as “an ice-breaker” for his role and Chinese-ambassadordiplomatic skills in the collaboration between Chinese and Norwegian business partners. Thus, the symbolic value of the ice was as important as the quality of the ice.

“I hope the ambassador enjoyed his drink. China represents such a huge market potential to our company, and the ambassador’s network might be of great importance to further explore our plans to succeed in China and Asia.”

CEO of SVAICE, Mr. Geir Olsen

Created By Nature

IceCubeThe SVAICE® Glacier Ice offer the world a unique selling proposition through the following properties:

Organic – a renewable resource made by nature at an unrivaled quality
Authentic – raw and unprocessed straight from the glacier. Simply the real thing.
Pure – a clean and crystal clear ice with a natural and smoothe taste, designed by nature during the last millennium!
Handcrafted – we mine small quantities by hand, only removing the ice right before it slips into the meltwater stream
Exclusive – a high quality and very scarce luxury commodity that comes with a one thousand years of history
A piece of Norway – from arctic land considered one of the cleanest places on earth

This commodity is unobtainable and inaccessible to an estimated 99.9 % of the people in the world… And it will remain so.

SVAICE® Glacier Ice is not for everyone. It is a high-end luxurious product only served at a very few venues in the world.