The World’s Most Exclusive Ice Cube

IceCubeImagineā€¦. the purest water, from the beginning of time, frozen by nature into precious ice in the most inaccessible of places. A sparkling natural resource with a special gleam, smooth as silk and crackling as it melts and slowly trickles into mother earth. We do not want it to melt. We want it to shine especially for the chosen few, slowly unravelling its mystery and pristine qualities. There is no need to imagine it any more. We have made it real. Because the ice from Svartisen glacier deserves to shine. Hand crafted by Svaice, just as it was centuries ago, when blocks of ice were used to chill food during storage and transport. Today, it will chill selected drinks. One thousand years of history in one glass, straight from high altitude on Arctic land. A magic commodity, ancient as history itself, astonishing to watch, hear and taste. The best quality ice ever made, 100% natural and pure, simply nature at its very finest.

We only extract small quantities, because this is not for everyone. This is for you.